Travel to Salamanca with children
Travel to Salamanca with children

Salamanca offers a pedestrian area that covers practically the entire old area that gives you the opportunity to relax due to the the absence of dangers for the little ones. Also, following the indications of the game "Salamanca in details", provided by tourist offices for free, the little ones will explore and learn with the search for treasures and details hidden in the facades of the main monuments: the famous frog, the astronaut, the stork or the monkey eating ice cream...

The River Tormes and its pier is also a good option for strolling with children along its banks or taking a boat ride.

What to do with children in Salamanca

There are several proposals for activities if you travel to Salamanca with children:

Tourist train: The city is comfortably visited by foot, but a fun option is to tour the city with the tourist train that leaves from Plaza de Anaya.

Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Deco: it has a collection of porcelain dolls, robot dolls and toys that will surprise not only the children. The building is also surprising on itself, a beauty and an architectural jewel of modernist art with stained glass of a thousand colours.

Museum of Automotive History: with more than 200 cars, accessories and documents from all eras since its creation.

Collection Gadgets to fascinate: with all kinds of gadgets and animation and projection systems for a visit more than fun.

Museum of Commerce and Industry: where the smallest of the house will discover curious inventions and innovations. 

Discover Salamanca

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