How to avoid 5 common mistakes in travel photographs

How to avoid 5 common mistakes in travel photographs

How to avoid 5 common mistakes in travel photographs

We must be realistic: sometimes photos taken on trips don’t represent the experience. If you are one of those that show photos after a holiday, feeling forced to give endless explanations, you should keep reading. Salamanca Suite Studios want to end your photo-torture and show you what are the 5 most common mistakes and how to eliminate them. It’s simple!


  1. Shoot without filter or shoot like crazy: We do not refer to the thousand and one filters that you can use in Instagram, but the impulse of wanting to photograph everything you see. Sometimes we fall into the mistake of thinking that by making several identical photographs, we are more likely to get some good ones. It also means filling up the memory. Also, when it comes to viewing them all, it will  be a nightmare. Take a few seconds before pressing the button and choose the appropriate frame.


  1. Abusing flash: Many times the flash appears reflected in a glass or mirror, marring the picture. At other times, the flash causes glare in people,  and increases the chance of those ugly red eyes. Therefore, it is better to turn it off as a general rule and only activate it when you really need that extra light.


  1. Not getting close enough: The photojournalist Robert Capa, said that “if your picture is not good enough, it’s because you were not close enough.” Many believe that using the zoom will get the image close enough, but what it will be too pixelated. The solution? Move on, get closer, involve yourselves in the photo until you get to grasp what you seek at the desired quality.


  1. Getting too close: if being too far away is a mistake, so it is to get too close. The fashion for selfies and taking pictures using the internal camera has played-out the traditional portrait. However, what about the environment? He will forget and that snapshot taken at the New Cathedral of Salamanca could have been done anywhere else in the world. The solution is easy: use a selfie stick! Thanks to this invention of Alan Cleaver’s grandfather in 1925 (big surprise to those who thought it was something very new and current), you will obtain a portrait in the place where it was taken without adopting impossible positions to appreciate.


  1. Take pictures without people: to capture the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca with no one appearing is often complicated. You must think that people in the shot  can improve the photo, differing from the typical postcard souvenir.

Now that you know all these tricks, what do you think about  implementing them in Salamanca?

We look forward to your visit!

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