Happy Book Day! In Salamanca we love to read.

Happy Book Day! In Salamanca we love to read.

Happy Book Day! In Salamanca we love to read.

It’s not a secret that reading is a pleasure, but why do we love reading so much? The reasons are obvious: we can move anywhere without leaving home, feel identified with characters in the novel and, of course, have fun with the story itself.

Salamanca Suite Studios encourages you to celebrate the day in our city with a Sunday full of activities.

From ten in the morning until ten at night, 28 booksellers from Salamanca will exhibit their works on the streets of Salamanca. Exactly, under the arcades of the agora. All booksellers will be offering a 10% discount. And, in addition, with each book, buyers will receive one of the 10,000 numbered bookmarks.

And this is not all. In the hall of the Town Hall the books purchased may be sealed with a commemorative stamp that refers to José María Gabriel y Galán, our famous poet born 150 years ago in Salamanca, at Frades de la Sierra. In addition, the Municipal Band of Music will offer from 12:30 a concert in the Plaza Mayor where they will perform a variety of musical styles.

Finally, coinciding with the Day of the Community of Castile and Leon, also this Sunday, the V edition of the program ‘Urban Gallery’ will be held, a contest that turns into canvases the doors of garages, walls, urban furniture … Creating an art gallery open 24 hours a day every day of the year. An original idea to revalue the neighborhood.

We look forward to welcoming you at Salamanca Suite Studios!

Happy weekend!



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