Calling All Foodies! Salamanca Hospitality Awards Are Here

Calling All Foodies! Salamanca Hospitality Awards Are Here

As you probably already realise, here at Salamanca Suite Studios we are rather what you may call “foodies”. So we couldn’t miss out on telling you about the “Hostelería Salamanca” (Salamanca Hospitality) good food awards, which were presented by the magazine of the same name on Monday. The event was attended by everyone who’s anyone in the Salamanca restaurant scene – the crème de la crème you might say – with prizes for the top chefs and restaurants in a whole range of categories.


La Mussa appetizers

La Mussa appetizers


So, if you are a fan of truly traditional tapas, the readers of “Hostelería Salamanca” and the panel of judges summon you to La Fresa, a classic on the Salamanca tapas bar scene, which has been refurbished. Dating back some 30 years, it is now being run by the second generation, who have brought new life to typical tapas such as pigs’ ear or grilled mushrooms. Along similar lines is La Aldaba, but with a touch of nouvelle cuisine that takes its tasty morsels to the next level.  Our personal favourite is the Morucha carpaccio – Morucha being a local breed of cattle. If you’re looking for something with a more contemporary feel, La Mussa is the one for you, with its winning triple combo: great wine, great “tostas” (open sandwiches) and great prices.

Tradition with a capital T was represented by three big players: Casa Pachecoin Vecinos with its bullfighting heritage; Mesón Castellano and its band in Castellanos de Morisco and Casa Pavón in Béjar. Suckling pig, Morucha beef, lamb and kidneys are staples, rooted firmly to the countryside. Quality ingredients are paramount and, as you would expect, these restaurants are found in truly incomparable locations in the province of Salamanca.


Casa Pacheco

Our tasty tour concludes with the prizes for the Best Newcomers – yes, we know that we’ve not mentioned all the awards, but we decided to concentrate on the culinary ones, but for all the low-down (in Spanish) click here.

New cutting-edge concepts and gourmet delights are popping up all over Salamanca, such as Factory Gourmet, a multidisciplinary space that is a deli, wine merchant and tapas bar all rolled into one. Perfect for enjoying a cold beer while picking up some deli treats.


Tahona de la abuela

La Tahona de la abuela


If you’re more of a breakfast or elevenses person, La Tahona de la Abuela (“Grandma’s Bakery”) is now in Salamanca. A wonderful café-cum-cake shop-cum-bakery, where you can enjoy everything from cupcakes to traditional “hornazo”, passing through typical seasonal cakes and sweetmeats on the way; all of which are DELICIOUS!

And what better way to end our tour than with a good cocktail? That’s just what the guys at “The Doctor” have in store for us and, believe you me, whether it’s a long or a short drink, there’s no resisting them.

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