Why Learning Spanish In Salamanca

Why Learning Spanish In Salamanca

As you may have already heard, Salamanca is the “nerve centre” for studying Spanish, not just in Spain, but around the world. And we’re not just talking about young Erasmus students; throughout the year, a variety of symposiums, conferences and courses bring together language learners and academics of all nationalities.

So today, we thought we’d share with you a few of the reasons why Salamanca is the best place to learn Spanish.

Quality of teaching

The University itself, its associated schools and centres, and other language schools offer a wide variety of courses tailored to the needs of different students, ranging from courses for medical professionals wanting learn scientific Spanish or for university professors, right through to groups of youngsters attending a Spanish summer course.

Cost of living

Salamanca is the ideal place if you want to live comfortably without spending a fortune. Whether you come for a whole year and choose to stay in a hall of residence or shared apartment or flat, or you come for a shorter time – in which case, you could stay with us J –the cost is reasonable. The same when it comes to food.

The size of the city

Why go and learn city in a huge city? Cities such as Salamanca are the perfect size for getting around easily, so you can make the most of the extensive cultural and gastronomic offer, and also for getting to know people of different nationalities – including the locals of course – without losing its welcoming, family feel.

Food and fiestas

You’ll probably never have been anywhere that has so many bars per square metre, where everything they serve is absolutely delicious. A fusion of local and international atmosphere with some fine Spanish ham as a tapa.

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