Tips For University Students In Salamanca

Tips For University Students In Salamanca

Arriving in a new city is never easy, especially if it’s your first time away from home. As one of Spain’s top university cities, every year Salamanca welcomes thousands of students who are starting out on their new lives. There are more than 30,000 students at each of Salamanca’s two universities, in a city with a population of around 150,000 inhabitants. It is also a popular destination for PhD students and teachers coming over to study or teach for shorter periods. It would be impossible to imagine Salamanca without students and, as such, the city is perfectly-adapted to their needs. Still, a little bit of advice never goes amiss, so here are a few tips for students coming to Salamanca.

  1. Finding accommodation – Obviously a must: finding a good apartment or flat with the right flat mates and at the right price. Rents in Salamanca are more affordable than other university cities in Spain, such as Madrid or Barcelona, especially if you are sharing. The University of Salamanca website has its own accommodation finder where you can find a wide selection of student accommodation. Other websites such as for flat-sharing, or also have a good choice of reasonably priced flats and apartments for students. Of course, if you are a postgrad student or visiting lecturer here for a shorter stay, you could always stay with us
  2. Documents – Whether you are coming to Salamanca from the Canary Islands, Madrid, Paris, London or New York, you’ll need to have a series of documents to hand when looking for somewhere to stay, registering, getting a student card and so on. First and foremost, you’ll need plenty of copies of your national identity document (Passport, DNI or NIE), as well as some of your parents’ or guardians’. Although university students are adults, a lot of landlords are happier about letting if your parents provide a guarantee. 
  3. Travel cards and leisure – The first step is to be able to get around Salamanca easily. Although it is easy to get around on foot, a travel card will quickly save you money on public transport. Another must is the Salamanca Card, which offers great savings at a wide range of museums, cultural sites, restaurants and shops in the city. 
  4. Good luck – No student should miss out on a “date” with the University of Salamanca’s lucky frog. The carved frog sits atop a skull at the main door of the university and dates back to 1522. Tradition says that students who find the frog, which is hidden amidst the ornate plateresque carved stonework, will be lucky in their studies.

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