Museums and Cultural Landscapes

Museums and Cultural Landscapes

Museums and Cultural Landscapes

Take a calendar and mark in red on May 18. The reason? That is the date on which the International Museum Day is celebrated. The theme of this year will Museums and Cultural Landscapes.

The aim of this celebration is to raise awareness of the role of museums as cultural spaces for personal enrichment. Its origin dates back to 1951 in the Crusade of the Museums, information campaign organized by UNESCO and ICOM (International Council of Museums). However, it was not until 1977, during the XII General Conference of ICOM in Leningrad, when it was established on May 18 as the Day of Museums.

Museums and Cultural LandscapesEvery year on that day and the days before and after, museums oraganize special activities. This celebration gathers more and more museums around the world. In 2015 more than 35,000 museums in 145 countries on five continents celebrated this event.

In Salamanca Suite Studios, we have gathered the activities prepared by museums in Salamanca for this date.

Although many of them are still finalizing details for their activities, some, such as the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum, has already announced its schedule under the theme “landscape Lis”. Their activities began on Friday 6 and end on May 19. Visitors and tourists can access the Lis House for free and enjoy all its collections on Wednesday, May 18 between 11 and 20 hours. In addition, the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum has organized a drawing contest entitled “Landscape Lis”, you can check their bases on its website.

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