Charge the battery and hunt pokemons in Salamanca

Charge the battery and hunt pokemons in Salamanca

Charge the battery and hunt pokemons in Salamanca

A few days ago, we woke up with the news a salmantino had managed to complete all the Pokémon wildlife, without leaving Spain. You want to know his secret? Salamanca Suite Studios will let you know!

The app known Nintendo is revolutionizing the world of video games. Its objective? Capture all these strange characters of the well known TV series: Pikachu, Squirtle, Goldeen …  up to its 145. What is so curious about the game? Programmers have placed different characters in real places around the world. Some of them can only be found at the sea side, others in the mountains, others at night … And the young Salamantino, Ruben Rodriguez Romero, has managed to get every single one.

How did he get it? He found in Salamanca at La Alamedilla Park and San Francisco’s; in Peñíscola (Castellón), he found the water ones; in Rioseco (Asturias), he collected the mountain ones, and many others in the Retiro Park in Madrid. In total, he has traveled about 75 kilometers to hunt them all. Although he claims that the secret is to be consistent and have patience.

Many pokemaníacos are sure that in the monumental center of Salamanca and around the river Tormes you can find most of these beings that keep many so excited. What about taking the opportunity to visit and get to know  Salamanca while you hunt pokemons? A good way to play while you walk and do sightseeing.

In addition, at Salamanca Suite Studios we take care of you after a long day of hunting …

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