A new way to travel: responsible tourism

A new way to travel: responsible tourism

A new way to travel: responsible tourism

More and more, tourists plan, book and discuss their travel via the Internet. In addition, they no longer print their airline tickets or train but take them on their smartphones or smartwatches to avoid wasting paper. If there is something that differentiates tourists 3.0 from the rest,  is that  they care about the environment. In Salamanca Suite Studios we have also been working in this direction.

Travelers are more and more aware on how to cause a  positive impact on the host community and the environment. It has become a trendy way of travelling.  You may ask yourself what it is about.  There are a variety of initiatives, from collaborative means of transport to reduce pollution to local guides that will help you discover the hidden  charms of the place.  There are more and more companies in the tourism sector increasingly committed to the environment and local society, a goal we share since we opened our doors.

We worry every day about the small details. They make the difference: All products you will find in the bathroom amenities are 100% environmentally friendly and free of parabens. In addition, all materials used in our refurbishment were 100% recyclable and in line with environmental recommendations.

But we have gone beyond. All rooms are equipped with a cleaning system through ozone. This way, we get a throughout cleaning without chemicals, preventing odors and harmful particles, controlling the presence of fungi and bacteria in areas such as ceilings, walls, furniture and textiles.

Do you need more reasons to enjoy a healthy Salamanca hotel, committed to the environment?

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