Traveling in winter, right or wrong?

Traveling in winter, right or wrong?

Traveling in winter, right or wrong?

If you think about vacations, you quickly associate them with summer, but what about January? Or November? It seems that winter is not a good option to travel. However, taking a break in the cold months can also be a great idea. At Salamanca Suite Studios we would like to share with you the advantages of traveling on this period:


  • No crowded places, that are so frequent during school holiday periods. The great majority travel during the months of July and August, causing the dreaded queues in museums, or standing for a free table on the terrace, or having trouble to find available rooms at the chosen place. If you prefer to avoid all these inconveniences,  travelling in a quieter time can be the ideal choice.


  • Competitive prices: as there is not so much demand, tourism companies are forced to prepare packages and special offers to attract tourism. Thanks to this, you can get the getaway that you have always wanted and find good prices that in other months are difficult to find.


  • Winter sports: for snow lovers, winter is their season. You can enjoy a family snow day. In Salamanca, for example, you can enjoy a perfect day at La Covatilla, or wandering in Sierra de Francia


We look forward to welcoming you at Salamanca Suite Studios this winter!


We wish you a lovely week.

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