Three ways to enjoy city travel

Three ways to enjoy city travel

Three ways to enjoy city travel

Already for long years, urban tourism has become the perfect alternative to beach holidays. But what is it about exactly? Actually there is nothing new about it, however it is trendy again.

Urban Tourism is one of the oldest ways to visit and learn about other cities and cultures. Its origins date back to antiquity, when the motivations for traveling to other cities were political, religious, economic or some sort of curiosity. Today, many of our guests share these same concerns when choosing a destination. However, there are three different reasons for choosing a destination:

Cultural Tourism: this type of leisure is the most common among visitors who don’t fancy beach holidays and go more for history and customs of an unknown city. Salamanca, thanks to its rich heritage, is one of the preferred destinations.

Urban Tourism Leisure and Pleasure: based on all the recreational activities in which visitors participate during their stay in the city. The purpose of these trips is to enjoy theme parks, attend plays or concerts, visit spas and gastronomic routes.

Professional Urban Tourism: this type of tourism coincides with conferences, trade fairs or any other business reasons. It is also known as convention Tourism. These visitors take the opportunity to visit the city while meeting their professional activities there.

Salamanca is a highly recommended option for any of these three types of urban travelling. In addition, you can discover why many have already visit Salamanca and stay with us, at Salamanca Suite Studios.

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