A wine route through Sierra de Salamanca

A wine route through Sierra de Salamanca

A wine route through Sierra de Salamanca

Seven municipalities of Salamanca have joined efforts to create a wine route through the Sierra de Salamanca and promote tourism in the south of the province. Why such a route in this particular place? In our post today we are going to detail what are the characteristics that make this wine region unique.

In 2010, the brand Sierra de Salamanca was founded in order to promote the wines produced in this area. Still, it was nothing new. Its origins go back to 15th and 16th centuries. The reasons for its good reputation are several:

  • Its geographical area is located in the south of the province of Salamanca and has an approximate area of ​​500 km2. The vineyards are arranged on the slopes of Alagón River and its tributaries. In addition, the soils are characterized by giving an acid taste that favors their identity, in contrast to other wine regions of Castilla y Leon.
  • The climate is humid Mediterranean, with very short and not too cold winters and hot dry summers. In autumn and spring abundant rainfall, which offset the low water holding capacity of soils. Within the Sierra we can find strains from 400 meters to nearly 1,000.
  • These vineyards are characterized by longevity of its strains: 80% are more than 50 years old and 50% over 80, ages difficult to find in other wine-growing areas.
  • Finally, we need to highlight the rich diversity. Red grapes include the Rufete (native and dominant breed, small cluster with large grain and aroma of red fruits), the Garnacha and Tempranillo (known locally as Calabrian and Aragon respectively, both are clones of the original variety, adapted to the peculiarities of the Sierra in a process of several centuries). Regarding white grapes, white Rufete, Moscatel de Grano Menudo and Serrano Verdejo are the predominant ones.

These are some of the features that have made of our wines unforgettable sips. You don’t need to be wine experts to taste a good wine and enjoy this route: San Martín del CastañarVillanueva del CondeGarcibueyMogarrazSotoserranoSantibáñez de la Sierra and San Esteban de la Sierra. After tasting the wines, what better way to unwind than with us in Salamanca Suite Studios?

Happy weekend!

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