6 advantages to travel in September

6 advantages to travel in September

6 advantages to travel in September

September is not only the month to go back to school, but it can also be the best time to go on vacation. Traveling in September can be a great choice, both to save money and to enjoy without suffering the crowds of previous months. Also, if you hate waiting in queues before visiting a monument, in September this never will happen.

Lower prices. The price is usually one of the determining factors to delay the holidays. The so-called high season comes to an end and a lowering of tariffs both airline tickets or train and accommodation occurs. Besides the price, it is unlikely that you find the sign “closed for vacation”, so you will not be left without that restaurant that you both want to try.

Everyone comes back and you’re leaving. You can forget the famous “post-holiday stress” that affects many coming back to routine in September: you will you take a break, while everyone else is already back at work.

You can plan everything without much notice. The availability of accommodation and transportation increases, so you can get to “improvise” holiday without having to book months in advance.

Milder temperatures. Having spent several heatwaves, in September there are slightly lower temperatures around 2 and 5 degrees less than in August. This milder climate favors enjoyment without sweltering heat or power sightseeing at any time of day without dying in the attempt.

Whether a couple, with friends or alone, it will bring you more benefits and the same advantages than travelling in high season. What are you waiting for? In Salamanca Suite Studios, we are happy to make your holiday an unique moment.

We wish you a lovely September!

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