Swimming Pools In Salamanca

Swimming Pools In Salamanca

Just recently we wrote about the Puente del Congosto, a river beach on the River Tormes just outside Salamanca. Today we’ve got an equally refreshing plan for enjoying a summer day out with the family or friends, but this time in the city of Salamanca itself.

In summer, Salamanca offers a wide choice of options for a refreshing day out. In fact there are 22 swimming pools to choose from and a total of 80,427 square metres of leisure facilities. These include the pools at Garrido, La Aldehuela, Tejares, Pizarrales, San José, Parque Deportivo Rosa Colorado Luengo and El Helmántico amongst others.


What’s more, every year all the pools -except La Aldehuela and  El Helmántico-, offer swimming lessons for both adults and children,  as well as therapeutic swimming sessions.  And, if the sun gets too much, the La Alamedilla indoor pool is open throughout the summer.


If you want to make a day of it and really make the most of your time at the pool, it’s a great idea to take a picnic, as all the outdoor pools have picnic areas.

In Salamanca we may not have a beach, but we do have plenty of swimming pools where you can keep your cool even on the hottest of days.  So, do you fancy a dip?

Have a great week friends!

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