Salamanca With Family: Something For Everyone

Salamanca With Family: Something For Everyone

Thinking about taking a short break with the family?  For families with young children, coming up with a plan that suits everyone can be a real challenge. But Salamanca is one of those places that has everything you need to make it a firm favourite with parents and children alike.


The first step is to visit the tourist office in the Plaza Mayor to ask for a children’s activity leaflet. In any case, a wander round the city can be very interesting for both Mums and Dads and for children, as you explore some of Salamanca’s more unusual sights together; for instance hunting for the hidden frog at the University or for the astronaut and the monkey eating ice cream at the Cathedral.


Another sure hit is a trip on the tourist train that runs through the old town district of the city. The train has an official tourist guide who will tell you all about the history of the main monuments, the city’s architectural heritage and life in the city in general. It goes from the Plaza de Anaya by the entrance to the Cathedral and the journey takes 25 minutes. Great fun!

Another option is a walk along the river banks. There are a number of green areas along the banks and you can also hire pedal or rowing boats for up to 4 people, so you could also spend an hour out on the river. Sounds like a nice idea, don’t you think?


But if boats aren’t your thing, you can also hire bicycles. You can pick up a map with routes using the city’s bike lanes or take part in one of the special guided rides for families.


A visit to Salamanca’s artistic and architectural gems is definitely a must. Another interesting alternative is to visit Monumenta Salmanticae, an interactive exhibition with a model of Salamanca,  various videos and touch-screen displays, making it great fun for kids.

The Commerce Museum shows you all about the city’s economic, industrial and trading history. Items such as comics, toys and cash registers, as well as several interactive exhibits, make it into a real adventure for the younger members of the family.

Youngsters are also sure to love Salamanca’s Museum of Automotive History, which has a collection of 240 period vehicles in an area covering 1000 square metres. Another great option is the Casa Lis Art Noveau and Art Deco Museum, which has an amazing collection of more than 300 porcelain dolls, as well as a number of toys.






If you are looking for some outdoor activities, the “Punto Activo de Huerta” in Huerta offers a whole range of activities for all ages. Horse-riding, canoeing and kayaking, zip wiring and archery are just a few of the options available. And, for everyone’s peace of mind, all activities are run by monitors who supervise and accompany participants at all times. An excellent option for those who want to enjoy the wonderful Salamanca countryside.

The Aldehuela park to the south of Salamanca is also an ideal spot to play sports, go for a bike ride or simply enjoy a day in the country.

Spoilt for choice

Lastly, the Selvalandia or Kanguropark children’s play centres are sure to keep the kids entertained for hours on end.

There are also loads of children’s workshops, theatre and exhibitions in Salamanca, so it’s always a good idea to check what’s on during your stay, so you don’t miss out.

As you can see, you won’t be short of choices. The whole family is sure to have a fabulous time here in Salamanca.

From Salamanca Suite Studios, here’s wishing you all a great weekend!

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