Salamanca, A City Chronicle

Salamanca, A City Chronicle

Every Friday from Salamanca Suite Studioswe like to offer you our own personal view of the city. We try to combine enjoyable leisure options with a taste of Salamanca’s history, art and architecture, to give you a real feel for the city.

But Salamanca’s history is not just written in its great cathedrals and grand personalities. The history of Salamanca is the history of its people and of its development. So today, we would like to recommend a section of the Tribuna de Salamancanewspaper, which chronicles the other side of Salamanca’s history, of life on the banks of the River Tormes: Businesses with History. Some of Salamanca’s oldest establishments merit a place in this showcase of tradition.

In 1836, Rafael González de la Huebra founded the hardware store which, in his family’s hands, would go on to introduce new products until becoming the furniture store it is today. Almost two centuries and four generations of the same family attest to the fact that this is the oldest-running business in the city.


Muebles Huebra 2014

Rafael’s son Luis was responsible for introducing the winds of change to the small family company, bringing Parisian interior design and photography to the store. His passion for the still image attracted the attention of Conrad Kent, an American writer known as the “Hemingway of Salamanca”, the result of which was the book “Luis González de la Huebra y los orígenes de la Modernidad en Salamanca” (“Luis González de Huebra and the origins of Modernity in Salamanca”). What’s more, the famous shopkeeper was also president of the Chamber of Commerce and founder of our Bull Ring.

The shop remains intact today. The walls are home to veritable relics of the period – a temple for lovers of vintage decor and for collectors – and unusual curios. Its walls have withstood the test of time and probably hold many secrets.

If you can, it is definitely worth a visit. And also keeping an eye on this section of the newspaper, which features some very worthwhile real-life histories.

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